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Accounts, Overview

The aim of Durell Accounts is to save the user’s time in data entry and training. This is achieved by its integration with the rest of the office database, so customer and supplier records do not have to be entered twice, and by using the same key controls and mouse buttons throughout. Moreover in all of the insurance-related versions of Durell, such as “Financial Adviser” or “General Broker”, most of the invoices are created automatically.

The “Accounts Menu”, shown above, comprises…

  • Sales  a list of all things you sell, commission earnings and fee work
  • Purchases  a list of all things you buy, consultant pay-aways and net premiums
  • Cashbook  all money received and paid, showing what each sum was for
  • Bank  a computer version of your bank statement/s (for any number of bank accounts)
  • Journals  allow you to set-up opening balances, allow for depreciation, etc
  • Period End  prevents your old data from being changed
  • Regular  automates regular payments, such as for hire purchase and rent
  • Reports  leads onto a menu of reports for Trial Balance, etc (see below)
  • Set-up  set-up and maintain nominal ledger, etc
  • Exit  return to the “Main Menu” of the integrated administration system
  • The “Accounts Reports Menu”, shown above, comprises…

  • Statements  the current state of your client, insurer and adviser accounts
  • Aged Debtors  all outstanding business, shown in 30 day historic periods
  • Balance Sheet  what your business is worth, including share capital and all assets
  • Trial Balance  a quick check on the double-entry system and nominal account totals
  • Profit & Loss  what trading profit or loss your business has made in a given period
  • Spreadsheet  monthly trading profit or loss for the whole year displayed in spreadsheet format
  • VAT  report to calculate VAT liability for a given period
  • Listings  various listings from the ledgers and nominal transaction trail
  • User-defined  facility to re-design the Trial Balance, etc, and create new reports
  • Exit  return to Accounts menu
  • These accounts reports may also be available by clicking the “Reports” button on the system’s “Main Menu”, followed by the “Accounts” tab.

    Advantages of Durell Accounts

    Different accounts packages offer different benefits, some of which may overlap with Durell’s. So although the following benefits may not be exclusive to Durell Accounts, they probably won’t be found in most alternative “off-the-shelf” packages…

  • Key controls and mouse buttons consistent with rest of administration system
  • Ledgers may easily be searched, sorted and filtered (e.g. to only display outstanding invoices)
  • Ledger transactions have three descriptors (e.g. invoiced name, policyholder and policy no)
  • Ledgers automatically pre-populated by commission and policy invoices
  • Automatic cross-reference between brokerage commission and pay-aways to consultants
  • Automatic cross-reference between general insurance client and insurer accounts 
  • Automatic control of indemnified and renewal commission
  • Automatic control of general insurance client money (i.e. client bank account)
  • Ledger transactions optionally retained after period end for year-on-year comparison reports
  • Monthly spreadsheet built into system for quick and easy financial management
  • Multiple sets of accounts (i.e. for different companies, or departments in same company)
  • Any financial year start date, not just 1st of the month