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Clients, Additional Notes & Chase-up Reminders

An extensive free-format notepad is located at the bottom of the “flat view” of all the address set screens. As more lines are entered you’ll notice this notepad gains a scrollbar on its right-hand side, as shown below.

A second facility for additional notes is available via the vertical “Notepad” button on the Durell toolbar to the right of the “Spectacles” button. These may be…

  • EITHER “Free-form” notes
  • OR “Notes Lines” with the date and time, depending on your personal settings (see Set-up Client Notes),
  • …and you can use the “Show notes lines” button at the bottom left of the notes screen, as shown in the illustration below, to switch between “Free-form” notes and “Note Lines”.

    The vertical “Notepad” button, shown in red above, will change colour according to the status of that client or policy’s “Note Lines” (though this does not apply to “Free-form” notes), as follows…

  • A white “Notepad” icon indicates that the client or policy has no “Note Lines”
  • A yellow “Notepad” icon indicates that the client or policy does have some “Note Lines”
  • A flashing red “Notepad” icon indicates that the client or policy has some outstanding “Note Lines”
  • “Free-Form” Notes

    To enter free form notes…

    “Free-Form” Templates

    A “template” is simply a page of notes that can be re-used for all the other address set records (e.g. a standard questionnaire or title sheet). To use templates…

    “Note Lines” With Date, Time & Done

    To enter “Note Lines”…

    Set-up Standard Actions

    Use “standard actions” on your notes to allow analytical reports to be produced (e.g. to list all “Enquiries” received during May). To edit or create a new standard action, see “Set-up, Client Notes”)

    “Done” Marker, “Done” Date & “Note Lines” Report

    When the action specified by a “Note Line” has been completed you should click the “Done” box, as shown above. This will also automatically set the “Completed on” field to the date when the line was clicked. To get a “Note Lines” report that optionally may include outstanding, completed or all actions regarding policies or clients, see “Reports, Client, Client & Policy Notes”.

    Diary Chase-up Reminders For “Notes Lines”

    Each time you create a “Note Line”, as shown above, you can optionally also create a reminder in your chase-up diary (see Set-up Client Notes). To do this, starting from the Note Lines window…