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Policies, Notes & Chase-ups

Most of the policy screens have a free-format “Details” notepad located somewhere around the middle of the screen, as shown below. As more lines are entered you’ll notice this notepad gains a scrollbar on its right-hand side and can hold a surprisingly large amount of text.

A second facility for additional notes is available via the vertical “Notepad” button on the Durell toolbar to the right of the “Spectacles” button. These may be EITHER free-format notes OR notes in lines with the date and time, depending on your personal settings (see “Set-up Policy Notes”). You can also use the button at the bottom left of the notes screen to switch between free-format notes and note lines.

Free-Format Notes or Policy Schedule

Free-Format Schedule Templates

A “template” is simply a page of notes that can be re-used for all the other address set records (e.g. a standard questionnaire or title sheet). To use templates…

Note Lines With Date & Time


Set-up Standard Actions

Use “standard actions” on your notes to allow analytical reports to be produced (e.g. to list all “Enquiries” received during May). To edit or create a new standard action, see “Set-up, Policy Notes”)

Chase-up Reminders on Notes Lines

Each time you create a note line you can optionally also create a reminder in your chase-up diary (see “Set-up Policy Notes”). To do this, starting from the Policy Schedule window…