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Reports, Accounts, Nominal Ledger Transaction Trail

To run this report, starting from the “Main Menu”…

  • Click the “Reports” button
  • Click the “Accounts” tab
  • Select the “Nominal Ledger Transaction Trail” report
  • Click the “Proceed” button
  • On the following dialogue…
  • Use the “Print entries” dropdown to select which nominal account/s to include (e.g. “TELE - Telephones”)
  • Use the “Order by” dropdown to designate how the list should be sequenced (e.g. by “Date”)
  • Enter a “Print from” and “Print to” date range, unless you want all entries
  • Click “OK”
  • Note that the dropdown option to “Order by” “Historic sequence” is quite different from ordering by “Date”. The “Historic sequence” is the order in which the items were entered in the accounts system, regardless of the actual dates of the transactions.

    This report can list every double entry that has ever taken place and who was responsible for it. It is particularly useful for displaying the movement in an account over a given period, such as the example illustrated above and below for the “TELE – Telephones” purchase nominal during 2003.

    As you can see from the example, above, each invoice transaction line that was allocated to the TELE purchase nominal automatically caused a balancing double entry in the CRED control (i.e. “Creditors Control”). You can also see that all of the transactions listed in the above example were entered on the accounts by a user called “ROBERT”.