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Templates, Naming (and Sub-Folders)

If you have a single-user Durell system your data will probably be stored on your local hard drive C, whereas with multi-user systems your data drive will be a shared one, like F or S. All of your Durell data is stored in a common folder, typically “Imw-Data”, on this data drive. This folder then contains a number of sub-folders, one of which is always called “Template” (N.B. and note that this is called “Template” singular, not “Templates” plural). This is the one in which you must save all Word templates that you want to make available from within Durell.

WARNING! Unless you make a point of saving your templates in the right location Word will store them in its default “Templates” folder on your local hard drive C (N.B. note this folder is called “Templates” plural). Such local templates will not work with Durell (see Documents, Set-up Word).

When saving templates in the \Imw-Data\Template folder try to use short, clear names in the format “Noun, adjective” so that they subsequently appear correctly sequenced in lists and menus...

Examples of GOOD naming...                           

  1. Fax, standard
  2. Invoice, household
  3. Invoice, motor
  4. Letter, docs enclosed
  5. Letter, standard
  6. Mailshot, change of address
  7. Mailshot, new services

Example of BAD naming...

  1. Fax
  2. Household inv
  3. Motor Invoice
  4. Docs enclosed letter
  5. Standard letter
  6. Address change mailshot
  7. New services mailshot


You may add your own sub-folders in the standard Durell Template folder to help organise your templates, as shown below. To do so, starting from your Windows Desktop (i.e. completely outside of Durell)…

Templates, Naming, Template sub-folders.jpg

See also Templates, Deleting