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Planners, Mortgages


Use the “Mortgage” planner to explain and assess the suitability of interest only or repayment type mortgages.


The following notes should be read in associate with those in “Planners, Starting & Warning”, “Planners, Default or Standard Values” and “Planners, Saving, Re-finding & Deleting”.

Click either “Repayment” or “Endowment” in the “Mortgage Type” box to select the type of plan you require. If comparing types you should also click the “Use same figures” box, to save yourself having to re-enter them.


Next select the way the interest should be calculated (i.e. either once per year, month or day), as for example, different building societies may use different methods. Finally enter the figures on the right hand side, then click the “Calculate” button to find the result.


Use the “Type of Calculation” box to resolve different types of question…


Protection & Endowment Costs

With a repayment type you should add, in the field called “Protection cost”, the cost of an insurance plan to protect against the inability to pay contributions due to sickness or death, as shown above. With an endowment type you should instead add, in the field called “Monthly endowment cost”, the cost of a plan to pay off the loan at the end of the term AND provide cover in the event of sickness or death, as shown below. You’ll need to get quotes from your insurer for both of these figures.

On-screen Graph – Repayment Only

If you’re working on a re-payment calculation you can illustrate it with an on-screen graph, like that shown below, by clicking the “Signpost” button and then the “Show/hide graph” option.


Saving, Deleting & Printing

When you’re satisfied with it you can save the plan, then subsequently re-find it, all as described above in the section on “Planners, Saving, Re-finding & Deleting”.


To print the completed plan…