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Set-up, Buttons on Main Menu and Background Themes

Buttons on Main Menu

Use this set-up to select an address set button on the Main Menu (e.g. “Prospects”) and allocate a number of address sets which it can open.

For example, in the case of  prospects there is only one “Prospects” button even though there are a minimum of two prospect address sets (i.e. one for “Prospects, Individual Clients” and a second for “Prospects, Business Clients”), in addition to which you may have created a set of your own, e.g. “Prospects, Robert’s” (see also Using Address Sets). By using this set-up all the ticked address sets (see below) will be made available in a menu-list when you click the single button in question (e.g. the “Prospects” button on the Main Menu).


Click the “Themes” button then use the “Themes” drop-down to select a different combination of picture, logo and colour to be used in your Durell Main Menu, as shown below. The example display is set to “Mortgage Manager”, whereas the finished theme will display your own licence details.

Themes, selection.png

Default Theme

The theme called "Default" is always displayed until you log in, after which it'll be replaced by your selected theme (e.g. "Thistles", as shown above). However if you select "Default" to be your theme (and preferably for all of the other users in your company)  then you will all see the same background all of the time. You can then edit the "Default" theme to include your own company logo and colours, with or without a photo or other image in the middle. Such an image should be as small (e.g. 1024 x 768) as it will inevitably make the Main Menu display a bit slower.

If you have a large server with more than five Remote Desktop users you may wish to prohibit the use of pictures and expanding transparent buttons to avoid the adverse affect on the speed. To do this, log in as the Administrator and right-click the Durell icon in the Windows Start/Program menu. Select “Properties” then edit the Target line so that it ends with the file path to your Durell data followed by “,nopic” to turn off the background picture. Provided you installed Durell on the server as the Administrator (which is the usual case) then this change will also automatically apply to every other Remote Desktop user. An example target line might be... 

Themes, nopic.png

Editing and Creating Themes

Click the button to edit the currently displayed theme, or create a new one. On the subsequent screen, shown below, you can.... 

Themes, editing.png

Click "Edit Buttons" to change the look of your Main Menu buttons...

Main Menu with default button.jpg

Main Menu with funny buttons.png

 ...where the actual button image in this case looked like...


Be careful to ensure that logo, picture and button files can be accessed by all users. The simplest way to do this is to save them in the “themes” sub-folder of your Durell data folder (e.g. in S:\Imw-Data\Themes\Pics).