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Mortgages, Main Fee & Pay-aways

This process includes the main procurement fee from the client or provider, as well as any commission pay-aways to leads or advisers. For additional invoices to third parties, such as the surveyor see “Additional Fees”.

Enter the main procurement fee, as described in Mortgage Cases. You may click the “Add” button to add extra lines to the main fee invoice to itemise expenses related directly to it, though you are recommended to restrict it to a single line if possible.

WARNING! The “Add Invoice” button is quite different (see “Additional Fees”) and should only be used for third-party invoices (e.g. the surveyor’s fee).

Having entered the main fee invoice…

  • Click the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button to move onto the “Commission” screen, shown below
  • The “Initial or indemnified sum” will equal the first fee line on the previous “Mortgages” screen (e.g. £145.80 as shown above) and may need to be edited (e.g. to £295.80 as shown below) to include the total amount of the main fee excluding third-party invoices created via the “Add Invoice” button.
  • Edit the “Invoice date”, as required
  • Click the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button to move onto the “Sales Commission” screen
  • On the Sales Commission screen…

  • Select the advisers and leads to whom you need to make pay-aways (see Policies, Commission Pay-aways)
  • Check that their rates are correct
  • Click the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button to post all the fees and pay-aways to the accounts