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Mail Shot, Listings (User-Defined) In Word

Mailmerge, Policy List 5.jpg

Although there are many pre-defined listings in Durell, sometimes you can’t get the items (i.e. data fields) you need in the layout and/or sequence that you require. To resolve this you will need to…

To do this you must understand templates (see Templates, Generally). You also need to be aware that there are over 1,000 data fields in the Durell system (e.g. separate data fields for client address line 1, client address line 2, client birth date, etc). So for a client’s address to appear automatically when you start a new Word document Durell sends the data fields for client address lines 1 to 6. However if Durell sent all of its 1,000+ data fields then Word would be overwhelmed, so only the fields included in the data field set called “Standard” get sent. Because different businesses require different data, Durell allows you to specify which data fields to include in your “Standard” data field set, and optionally to create additional data sets (see Document Viewer, Data Sets).

Create A Template to List Policies

Starting from the Durell Main Menu, click the “Policies” button

Mailmerge, Policy List 1.jpg

Select Axa Policies Starting After 1St Jan 2002

Start from the scrolling list of “Policies”…

Mailmerge, Policy List 2.jpg

Then to view and manually edit your current mail shot set…

Mailmerge, Policy List 3.jpg

List The Selected Policies

Start from the scrolling list of “Policies”…

Mailmerge, Policy List 4.jpg

Mailmerge, Policy List 5.jpg

Re-Ordering In Word

While still in Word 2010, to re-order your listing by any one of the columns, simply click “Table Tools / Layout”, then click “Sort”, then select which column to sort on and click “OK”.


Having produced your list you can simply click at the top left and press the “Enter” key to create a clear line in which to enter a heading for each column (preferably in bold face). If you’re familiar with Word you might even consider entering these headings in a page header (i.e. via “View”, then “Header and Footer”, then enter the headings and finally click “Close”).

Export To Excel

To export your listing to Excel, simply click “Edit” then “Select all”. Click “Edit” again followed by “Copy”. In Excel start a new spreadsheet and click “Edit” then “Paste”.