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Reports, Accounts, List Ledgers

To list the items in either of your Ledgers, starting from the Durell “Main Menu”…

  • Click the “Reports” button
  • Click the “Accounts” tab
  • Select “List Sales Ledger” or “List Purchase Ledger”
  • Click the “Proceed” button
  • Then on the “Purchase/Sales Ledger Report” dialogue, like that shown below…
  • o Enter a report name (e.g. “Telephone bills”) or use the dropdown to re-find a previous report

    § EITHER click “All nominals” to include all invoice transactions

    § OR click “Selected nominals” after which you can select which type/s of transaction/s (e.g. the “TELE – Telephone” one) to include

    § AND click “Include control accounts” if you need to include controls (e.g. “G*CT - Transferable Commission”) and select as required

    o Click either “All address records”, or select a set from the “All in set” dropdown after which you can further choose to limit the list to a single individual

    o Tick the options to include “Invoices”, “Orders” and/or “Credits”

    o Tick the options to include “Fully”, “Part” and/or “Unreconciled” items (i.e. paid, part paid or outstanding)

    o Tick the option to show VAT, if required

    o Tick the option to show either the “Policyholder/Who” line or the “Policy number/What” line

    o Click the “OK” button

  • Then on the “Print Ledger Entries” dialogue
  • o Set the “Print from” and “Print to” dates or leave blank for all

    o Click the “OK” button

    You should then see a list like that displayed below…

    Transferable General Insurance Commission

    The illustration below shows, for example, how this listing could be used to list all General insurance commission received for DD business from a selected insurer…

    Regarding the above example, note that general insurance commission appears in both Ledgers…

  • Sales Ledger – Commission from business paid to the insurer, by direct debit, etc
  • Purchase Ledger – Commission from business paiPrintingd to the brokerage, by cheque, etc
  • …and furthermore that general insurance commission is held in the three accounts called…

  • G*CS – General, Commission (in suspense) control account
  • G*CT – General, Commission (transferable) control account
  • GCEA – General, Commission (received) purchase nominal account
  • Consolidating Reports

    If you have more than one report you can export them all to separate Excel spreadsheets, from which the information can then be cut-&-pasted into a single consolidated one (see “Reports, Printing and Exporting Lists to Word or Spreadsheets”).