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Clients, Links to Contacts, Partners & Groups

Address set records can be linked together via the “>” buttons next to certain fields. For example, the link buttons on the Individual Clients screen allow you to link to the client’s account handler in your office (i.e. Adviser), the person who introduced that client to your office (i.e. Lead), the client’s business record (i.e. employer), their spouse or partner’s record, and their family record (e.g. for joint policies).

For example, to create new contact records and link them to an existing insurer’s record, starting from Durell’s Main Menu…

Now use the “New” button or F3 key to enter all your contacts at the insurer in question, clicking the “Save” button after each. When you’ve finished, press ESC or click the “Exit” button to return to the Main Menu, then…

The Left Curve Button

The “Left Curve” or “Previous Screen” button goes red when you jump to a linked record to remind you. To return you may either click it or use the “Open Door” or “Exit” button as normal.

Breaking A Link

To break a link, just click on the contact or partner field in question and try to delete or change it. As you do so you’ll be prompted to confirm that the link should be permanently broken.

The Partner or Spouse Link

This is a one-to-one link to jump back and forth between the client and linked partner or spouse record.

The Family or Group Link

This is a many-to-one link to jump back and forth between the clients of a given group or “family” and their “family” record. This might be useful for linking extended family groups with dissimilar search names (e.g. The grandfather, the son-in-law, the married daughter, the step-son, etc).

The Business or Group Link

Similar to the Family group (above), but designed for linking all the employees of a given company.

Working With a Linked Group

To view all the members of a group and be able to jump to individual records to update them, first create a number of Individual Clients and link them all to a single Business Client record. Then starting from Durell’s Main Menu…