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Set-up, Leads

Leads may also be known as business introducers or sub-agents. They are typically people working independently from the office, who introduce clients, and in most instances earn commission from the resulting sales.

Lead records are set-up like all other address set records (see Entering & Saving Clients), but…


If you enter the lead’s email addresses in the two “Email” fields then subsequently when you click the Email “>” button you’ll be able to start a pre-addressed email.

Additional Screens

You can activate a further 42 user-definable data fields by clicking (and thereby ticking) the Signpost button option “Additional screens / Show 42 additional search fields”. After this option has been ticked (i.e. made active) you access the extra screen via the black “Curve right” button. See Additional Mailshot Fields

Renaming Leads

To change all references for one lead to another (e.g. from GWC to SMTR on all policies, products and claims) simply change the "Search name" and click the red "Save" button on the tool bar. The same applies to the code, and you can even change both the name and the code at the same time - the system will still correctly update all associated policy, claim and product records.

Deleting & Replacing Leads

To delete a lead simply find its record then click the yellow "Bin" button on the tool bar. Just in case it's linked to any existing policies, claims or products you'll be prompted to select a different lead's initials to replace it with.

This is particularly handy if, for example, two leads are merging, or if you happen to have accidentally created two different records for the same lead. Simply find one, click the yellow "Bin" button to delete it, then select the other to replace or merge it with, as shown below.

 Leads - Delete and Change.png

Check Adviser Initials & Insurer Codes

In normal use the Durell system will automatically ensure all of your leads have unique identification codes. However sometimes after a data transfer from another system it might be possible for some of your records for insurers, advisers and leads to have missing or duplicate codes. To correct this use the "Signpost" button option "Check adviser initials & insurer codes". It is unlikely that you should ever require to do this more than once.

Other Signpost Button Options

For information on the other Signpost button options that are common to all address set records see Entering & Saving Clients.

Default Adviser

You may have an arrangement whereby all clients introduced by a given lead should be advised by a particular adviser. If this is the case then for each such lead you should click the “>” button next to the “Default adviser” field and select the adviser. Subsequently if this lead is selected when entering a new client the default adviser will appear automatically. If you don’t have such an arrangement you should leave the “Default adviser” field clear. 

Commission Rates

Enter the lead’s commission rate for each type of business (e.g. General Insurance new business, General Insurance renewals, etc). Use the “Base” drop-down to indicate whether the figure entered for the “Rate” is…

Reset Commission Rates In Existing Policies

There is a Signpost button option to reset the commission rates for leads and advisers in existing policies, which is particularly useful where, for example, you've changed the agreement regarding the percentage of renewal commission to be paid to a lead or adviser. The use of this pop-up is largely self-explanatory, though the user should be aware that they may need to reset more than one rate - so they may need to "Apply" this a number of times (e.g. for "General initial" AND "General renewal" commission, as shown below. 

Leads - Reset comm in pols.png