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Accounts, Integrity Check

The “Integrity Check” confirms that your accounts transactions are all present and correctly linked (i.e. that they have not been damaged by a power-cut, system crash or network failure).

If you have a computer network you are advised to run this on your server with no other Durell users logged on, as working directly on the server will take about one quarter of the time. Starting from the Durell Main Menu…

  • Click “Accounts”
  • Click “Setup”
  • Click the “Signpost” button
  • Click “Integrity check”
  • Click “Go”
  • When the check has finished you’ll see a message like that shown below.

    Use Windows Explorer and go to the folder in question (e.g. F:\Imw-Data\AccountSet1). Double-click the integrity.txt file to confirm there are no errors, like that shown below. If there are errors you will need to contact Durell’s Help Desk.

    Despite having a range of features designed to protect the integrity of the accounts system, it is a sad fact that data can still get lost or corrupted due to sudden shut downs, power-cuts and network errors. In the typical accounts system of many thousand records one such corrupted record can lead to a whole range of problems, and because it is typically just one bad record among thousands it can be a nightmare to find. Run this routine periodically to check that you have no such errors. Moreover if you do have a problem, such as a Trial Balance that is out-of-balance, then run this routine and check the resulting “Integrity.txt” file carefully before phoning for support.