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Quotes, Insurecom, Setup

You must login as each Durell user who is to link to Insurecom and repeat the following. Do not set-up more Durell users to link to Insurecom than you have licences for, or those already set-up will be cleared.

Before you can start using the link to Insurecom for the first time you must enter your Broker ID, etc in the Durell Setup (n.b. for each Insurecom user). To do this, starting from Durell’s “Main Menu”…

Data Checks

If you leave the tick in the “Perform pre-quote data checks” the system will ensure you don’t miss any fields required by Insurecom, which will save time when quoting. However these checks may be irritating when editing non-Insurecom motor and household policies, in which case they can be turned off.

Client Address Prompts

When you select “Insurecom” your Setup Client Screen option to “Show address defaults” will also automatically clear, as shown below. These address defaults are required for other quotation systems, such as SSP’s electRa-m3, but are unnecessary and confusing when using Insurecom.