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Quotes, Insurecom, Processing

Having entered your prospective client (see “Quotes, Prospective Clients”) and the quote details (see “Quotes, Entering, Saving, Deleting”) you can…

You should then see a connection dialogue, like that shown below

Eventually you’ll either see a “View Quotes” screen, like that shown below, or you’ll get an error dialogue box displaying the Insurecom error number, the Durell datafield that relates to this error, and a full description (e.g. “Bad or missing post code”). In the case of an error, click the “Close” button, correct the field in question and re-do the Insurecom link until the process completes without errors.

The “View Quotes” Screen – Default Settings

By default the “View Quotes” screen excludes quotes from insurers with whom you don’t have agencies. To turn these on, tick the box next to “Show open market quotes” at the bottom right of the screen. Also by default the screen displays all returned quotes with a premium, including those that require referrals. To see which require referrals click the “View premiums req referral” option at the bottom left.

The “View Quotes” Buttons

The buttons down the right-hand do the following…




Highlighted Quote

Accept & take-up

Accept the currently highlighted quote and take it up as a policy (see further notes, below)

Save as quote/renewal

Save the currently highlighted quote (n.b. in addition to the basic quote details – see below)

Override premium

Use your brokerage’s arrangement to override the insurer’s premium


Leave this screen



Proposal form

Print a proposal form for the currently highlighted quote

Policy summary

Print a “Key Features” document or policy summary

Quotation details

Print the quotation details in full

Further info


Prem breakdown

Display a full premium breakdown for the currently highlighted quote


Display the commission amount and rate for the currently highlighted quote (n.b. maybe blank)


Display the insurer’s notes regarding the currently highlighted quote


Display any excesses imposed on the currently highlighted quote


Display any endorsements imposed on the currently highlighted quote

Add ons

Display any add-ons available for the currently highlighted quote

Other insurers


Display all insurers who declined to quote


Display all the insurers who require further details before offering a quote (see below)

Bottom line

Print list…

Choice to list all the currently displayed quotes, or just the top ten (of current sequence)


Accept & Take-up

When you click the “Accept & take-up” button the system will briefly re-connect to Insurecom to advise them of your desire to accept (n.b. actual acceptance does not occur at this point), then it’ll return to Durell to find the matching insurer and product or scheme (i.e. the ones you have already made in Durell). When you first start using the system these product names, or links to these products, will not exist, so you’ll probably see a screen like that below, which will include two comments…

1. ( InsureCom:  “NIG” )    …or some other insurer

2. ( Insurecom:  “Advantage Select” )  …or some other product, or scheme, name


If you can’t find an equivalent insurer and product in your Durell system you should click the “Setup” button, in the centre of the screen, which will take you to the “Product Setup” screen, shown below, where you should create and save the product (see also “Setup, Products”). To create a “Product code” just click the “=” button, which will generate one for you. If you get a message that this code isn’t unique then simply change any of the last four characters until they are accepted. Enter your standard commission rate for this scheme, but don’t worry too much about it, because the system will download the precise commission from Insurecom regardless of this setting. 

When you exit from the Product Setup you’ll return to the “Find Insurer / Plan” screen, below. After you’ve found the insurer and product…


Going Live - Don’t Forget to Post to Accounts!

After pressing the “OK” button, above, your acceptance will be confirmed and the policy will be “live”. You will be prompted to receive the policy documentation, which you should accept (n.b. you may “tick” to select optional documentation, but cannot clear any required documents). After the documents have been sent you’ll return to your Durell policy, which will now be populated with the selected insurer, product and premium details as per your Insurecom quote. You should go through the policy screens a second time to check the client’s payment method, enter the invoice date, add any broker charges, enter any required pay-aways to advisers and introducers, and then accept the prompt to POST THE PREMIUM DETAILS TO YOUR ACCOUNTS.

Save as Quote or Renewal

If your client is not yet ready to proceed you can instead click the “Save as quote” button (which will read “Save as Renewal” in the case of a rebroke or renewal), in which case the process is similar to that described above for the “Accept and take-up” button except….

You may retain a number of different insurers’ responses to an initial quote request, where the responses may have differing levels of excess or cover as well as different premiums. Quite possibly the cheapest won’t be the best, and you’ll need to refer to the various responses in order to show your client their differences.

See also “Quotes, Insurecom, Processing Options