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Quotes, Insurecom, Processing Options

Sequencing the List

Click any of the column headings to sequence the list by that criterion (e.g. “Company, as shown below). Re-click the same heading to switch between ascending and descending order.

Premium Override

Use the “Override Premium” button to increase or decrease the insurer’s quoted premium (provided the selected insurer has agreed you may do so). You will need to enter your “Insurer’s authority code” for this to take effect, and note that the quoted premium will not change until after you then click the “Accept & take-up” button.


The “referrals” option at the bottom left of the screen restricts the list to quoted premiums that require referrals, as shown in the main window below. In contrast the “Referrals” button activates a separate pop-up, as shown below, that displays those insurers and schemes which did not return a quoted premium because they need referrals.

Premium Breakdown

Use this button to see how the premium was calculated, as shown below. This is particularly helpful for spotting mistaken aspects of the quote data (e.g. age of driver or that the occupant is a smoker) that impact on its total figure.


Use this button to check the commission rate and amount. In many instances these may be zero because either it is truly a zero commission product, or the insurer has chosen not to display these figures.


Use this button to review the key features of the selected scheme, as shown below.


Excesses & Endorsements

Use these buttons to check what excesses are included in the selected scheme, as shown below.


Use this button to check what extra facilities might be added to the quoted premium, such as break-down cover, illustrated below. This must be done before accepting and taking-up the quote, so that the premium can be revised for the selected add-on.


Use this button to check which insurers and schemes declined to quote on the data provided, as illustrated below.

Print List…

Use this button to print a list of either all, or just the top ten displayed quotes, which is a good way of proving to the FSA that you selected the best product for your client. Note that the printed lists will be in the same sequence as your screen display (as described at the top of this section), so before using this feature you should ensure your display is correctly ordered.