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Insurecom, MTAs

All Insurecom schemes operate via EDI or Electronic Data Interchange (i.e. via your Internet connection). Some of these may be “full-cycle”, which means you can also process their MTAs (i.e. mid-term adjustments) and renewals via EDI. Schemes displayed in the “View Quotes” list will have names that indicate whether they are just basic EDI or full-cycle EDI, such as the “Zurich Basic Comprehensive FC EDI 10”, shown below.

You should endeavour to match these scheme names in your Durell “Product Setup”, as illustrated below, so that when dealing with a potential MTA you’ll immediately be able to see whether it is a full-cycle EDI product, or one that you need to process manually. Don’t worry if you’ve set-up some products in Durell without indicating their full-cycle status, as you can edit their names retrospectively (and all the affected policies). See “Setup, Products”. 

You process Insurecom-related full-cycle EDI MTAs exactly as you would normally do in Durell (see “General, MTAs, Create”, etc) except that you get the premium details via the Insurecom link. In summary…


After the documents have been sent you’ll return to your Durell policy, which will now be populated with the MTA’s premium details as per your Insurecom quote. You should go through the policy screens a second time to check the client’s payment method, edit the invoice date, add any broker charges, enter any required pay-aways to advisers and introducers, and then accept the prompt to POST THE PREMIUM DETAILS TO YOUR ACCOUNTS.

WARNING! Although the MTA will be live as far as Insurecom is concerned, your Durell MTA will not be fully taken-up until after you have gone through all the screens to post it to the accounts. If the MTA was for zero value then you should still proceed through all the screens, though the system will detect its zero value and skip creating any invoices.