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Insurecom, Documents


There are three sets of documents that you’ll need to print when working with Insurecom…

These are fully described in the following sections. In all cases these documents will be saved in your client’s Durell document viewer, accessible via the green “W” button on the toolbar, as shown below.

Insurecom Documents for Any Quote

While on the Insurecom screen you can highlight any quote and then click one of the following three buttons to get the documentation for that quote…

These appear on screen as un-editable Adobe Acrobat files, which are automatically saved in the client’s Document Viewer, and which can be printed via Adobe’s “File / Print” option.

Insurecom Documents for the Accepted Quote

After you’ve clicked the “Accept & take-up” button you’ll arrive at the “Confirm Documents” pop-up, where you’ll be presented with the documentation for the selected scheme. Certain documents are mandatory (e.g. Motor Certificate), while others are optional (e.g. Instalment Application). Tick the ones you wish to receive and then click “Accept”.

NOTE! The scheme is not actually accepted by Insurecom until after you click the “Accept” button on the “Confirm Documents” pop-up. So if you don’t want to proceed you can still click the “Cancel” at this point.

After you’ve accepted the documents you’ll be offered the opportunity to print them, but as they’ll already have been saved in Durell’s document viewer (from where you can print them at any time) you can skip printing at this point by pressing “Cancel” (i.e. you will not lose any documents).

Durell Templates Printed Via Word

In addition to the standard Insurecom documents you’ll need a number of templates to print your Terms of Business, Demands & Needs and Statement of Price documents from Word via Durell’s Document Viewer, as illustrated below…

Basic templates for some of these documents are provided with the Durell system, which you’ll need to personalise. If you don’t know how to setup templates you should refer to the following…

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Templates, Deleting

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Templates, Inserting A Durell Data Field

And if you need a list of the data fields to use please refer to…

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