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Fact Find, Initial Set-up


When you choose to switch to the new Durell fact find system all of your existing fact finds, including old or “historic” ones will be transferred to the new system, which will start with screens and layouts similar to the old one, as shown below...



New Features

The new system has a number of improvements...

1. Not only can you still choose which screens (or “sections”) to display and in what order, but you can now edit every item of text or data, right down to the choice of font, colour, etc. 

2. You can immediately preview and print any screen layout you create, with exactly the same fonts, colours, etc.

3. Optionally, exactly the same layout will be viewable via your own website (subject to purchasing an extra Durell user-licence), where the data will be passed from and to your Durell office system.

4. Changes to styles (e.g. regarding the font family, font size, colour, logo, etc) immediately affect every screen (i.e. to allow you to create your own house style).

5. You can import and export entire fact finds, or a few sections, or just the style in order to pass your design to other companies, branches or network members. 

6. Durell will provide a development service where you can request an existing paper fact find to be computerised (for approximately £100+VAT per A4 page, subject to a final quote).


Backup and Test

As with all updates, before switching to the new system you should...







Activation may take from 15 minutes to a number of hours (depending on the speed of your system and the amount of data) so you are strongly recommended to carry out the activation process on the actual computer (or server) holding that data, and preferably start the process at the end of the working day when everyone in your office has gone home. Having taken a back-up, when you’re ready to activate the new fact find system, starting from the Durell Main Menu...












For the price of an additional user-licence (currently £250+VAT plus £25+VAT per month for support) a SECURE module is now available from Durell that can easily be added to your website to display...














To view the above example for Mr J Smith go to and click...







...then login as “smith” with the password “hello”



This web-link is provided on a secure server, with secure uploads and downloads (protected by an SSL certificate), and every client’s details are protected by a unique login and password.



Your website designer only has to add a link (like the “Click here” one described above), which should just take a few minutes. Call Durell on 01823-326324 for further information or to purchase a copy (i.e. an additional Durell user-licence).


See also “Fact find, On Your Website” and “Set-up Web-link Module”.