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Templates, Increasing Durell Data Fields

There are over 1,000 data fields in Durell. If Durell sent all of these to Word when starting a letter it would load very slowly. As you'll probably only need around 70 of these data fields, only that group, or “Data set”, is sent. This standard group is called “Standard”. To add more fields to the “Standard” data set, starting from the Durell Main Menu…

The numbers in red next to “Select fields” and “Selected” respectively show the number of fields still available in the current table and the number of fields so far selected in total.

Ordering Your Data Fields

By default your data fields will be listed in the order that they occur in the Microsoft Access tables used by Durell. If you’d prefer to list them in some other sequence then clear the tick and re-order them via the “Move” buttons, at the end of which you must click the “Save” button.

Useful Tips