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Life, In Trust

At the top left of all investment, life, mortgage and pension screens you’ll find a field called “In trust”, as shown below. Click the “>” button to the right of this field to activate the pop-up, as displayed below, in which you can specify the type of trust (e.g. Bare, Discretionary, Interest in Possession, etc) along with the beneficiaries and the reason.

If you can’t find the type of trust in the “Trust type” dropdown then click the “>” button to create a new one (e.g. SSAS or SIPP), as shown below.

Use the green “Binoculars” button to find the trustee in one of your address books (e.g. Address Book, Solicitors). If you need to enter a new trustee click the “New” button, enter the name, address, etc and then click “Save”. When done click the “OK” button to link the displayed trustee to the policy.