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Policies, Scrolling View, Goto Next On Return

The “Go to next record on return” feature is used when processing a batch of policies, perhaps selected by multiple criteria, such as all ISA’s from Jupiter Unit Trust, as shown below – see “Policies, Search, Sort & Select”.

To check the “Go to next record on return” feature is active, click the “Signpost” button, where it appears as the first line of the menu…

  • If the line starts with a tick then this feature is ON.
  • If it does not start with a tick the feature is OFF.
  • Simply click this line to turn it on or off (i.e. to change its status).
  • Normally the “Spectacles” button switches you between the scrolling and flat view of the same policy. However, when the “Go to next policy on return” feature is ticked, then each time you return to the scrolling view you will automatically be moved to the next policy in your scrolling list’s current sequence.