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General Policies, Compliance, Awaiting & Reports

Compliance and new business processing is handled via the “Awaiting” field, which appears at the top right of the first screen of all policies. Click the “=” button to activate the “Awaiting for…” dialogue, shown below...

On the “Awaiting for…” dialogue, shown above…

  • All fields have a “N/A” (or “not applicable”) option allowing you to skip them (e.g. for old business, where you have no record of certain dates)
  • Some fields are preceded by a “=” button, which if clicked will automatically enter today’s date, indicating when this aspect of compliance was completed. You may enter the date manually instead, or edit the automatically generated one
  • Your Durell user-name  is automatically linked to each such compliance action, and appears in the “Highlighted date entered by” field at the bottom left, so subsequently you’ll know who confirmed each aspect
  • Some fields are preceded by a “>” button, which must be clicked in order for you to complete their details in ensuing pop-ups, as discussed below…

    1. Documentation

    When you click the “>” button next to “Documentation” you’ll see the “Documentation for...” dialogue above, on which you should…

    o Edit or add to the list of “Required documents” as required, always giving them a number from 1 to 10 and keeping them in sequence

    o If you’ve edited the list and will require to repeat it in future, click “Save” and save it with a name (e.g. Household Documentation”)

    o Then if you require a previously saved documentation list click the “Load” button and select it

    o For each required document enter the ref or version no, if applicable, and the date when issued (n.b. click the “=” button for today’s date)

    o For example, if the document is fifth on the list you should enter its version in the fifth “Ref or version” box 

    o Enter notes, if required, for each required document, preceding each note with the number of the relevant document

    o Use the “Chase Up” button, if required, to create a reminder in the diary, as described in “Policies, Notes and Chase-ups

    o You do not need to complete the documents in order, and should leave the Ref or version blank for any documents that have not been completed

    o When done click “Close”, and you’ll see a “Date When Compliant” dialogue, below, which by default, will set the date to the most recent document’s completion. You are advised to use “Clear it” (or if clear, use the default “Leave unchanged”) until all the documents have been completed.

    2. Submitted to Insurers

    When you click the “>” button next to “Submitted to Insurers” you’ll see the “Notes re Insurers...” dialogue below, on which you should…

    o Enter details of all the insurers to which you’ve submitted proposals, then click the “Close” button

    o On the “Date When Compliant” dialogue, above, set the date and click the “OK” button

    Progressing the Compliance Checks to Completion

    On returning to the policy screen you’ll notice that the “Awaiting” field shows the next outstanding action (e.g. in the example below this would be “Quote to client”. The next incomplete action is always shown as the “Awaiting” one, even if there are completed items after it. In order to skip such a blank action you should click its “N/A” box.

    After anyone in your office has entered a date against “Initial completion” the “Awaiting” field will state “Nothing (failed initial compliance)”. This is because nothing more is required except for the compliance officer to finally click the “Business compliant” tick-box at the bottom left of the dialogue, after which the “Awaiting” field will say “Nothing”, and the process will be complete. If the compliance officer does not think that the policy is compliant and hence does not add the final tick then the policy’s “Awaiting” will remain at “Nothing (failed initial compliance)”.

    Overview of Policy Compliance

    The compliance officer will want to see just those policies that he needs to check, while the admin staff will want to see the policies they need to progress towards full compliance, both of which can be done by re-ordering the scrolling view of policies by their “Awaiting” status. To do so, starting from the scrolling view of all policies…

    You’ll then be able to check, chase-up or update all the policies at that compliance or “Awaiting” status, as illustrated below.

    Note that in the illustration above, the policies (regardless of their “Awaiting” status) are coloured according to their business stage. The “Active” ones are light blue, the red one is “Not Taken Up”, and the dark blue one is “Pending” (see “Set-up, Policy Stages”).

    Compliance Report

    To get a report of your new business, by insurer, adviser, etc, starting from the Main Menu…

    On the “Compliance Daybook” dialogue…