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Policies, Filtered Views

For Life & Investments your policy display can include...

  • Policies
  • Variations
  • For General Insurance your policy display can include...

  • Policies
  • Renewal details
  • Quotations
  • MTAs (Mid Term Adjustments) 
  • For all types there is a further option to hide policies by the generic stages for...

  • Active / User-defined
  • Dead
  • NTU
  • Lapsed
  • Proposal
  • The “Policies” button on Durell’s Main Menu takes you to a scrolling view of all of your policies. Initially this list excludes variations, quotations, MTAs, etc. To add them to the display click and thereby tick the boxes at the bottom left of the screen and click the “Apply” button. Having made a selection, your current choice will be shown in the screen title, as illustrated below (e.g. “Policies & Variations by Client Name”).

    Essentially all policies, variations, renewals, etc, always exist in the list, but you apply a filter that controls which should be included in the current display. To avoid confusion you are recommended to display only one or two types of data at a time (e.g. just quotations, or just policies & variations, etc). Note that a “Category” box is given at the bottom right of the scrolling view to further help distinguish the different types of data.

    Hide Policies by Generic Stage

    You can also hide policies by the four generic stages for Dead, NTU, Lapsed or Proposal stages. To do so...

  • Click the Signpost button
  • Select Policies / Display
  • Tick the generic type you wish to hide
  • If you wish to hide certain policies which are none of these four types (e.g. Active ones that don’t require a renewal prompt) you can use the “User-define” type. To align your company’s policy stages with these generic types see “Set-up, Policy Stages”.