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Quotes, Filter to View Quotes, Renewals

If you can’t see your quotes, MTAs or renewal invitations, the chances are that the “filter” on your policy screen has not yet been set to include them. By default only policies get displayed. To include renewals, quotes or MTAs, as shown below…


Disappearing Quotes

The red title at the top of the screen (illustrated below) shows what is included in the current view’s “filter”.

A typical cause for a quote to “disappear” is when you take-it-up (i.e. convert it into a policy), after which when you return to the scrolling policies screen the filter may still be for just quotes, in which case the newly converted policy may not be visible. Usually in such a case you only need to click the “Exit door” button once more to return to the view with the default policies filter.

See also “Policies, Filtered Views”.