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Set-up, Field Names 

Client Screen, Individual.png

The twelve "Mailshot" data fields at the bottom of the address set screens, just above the final comment lines, may be set-up with prompts of your own choice, then used for ordering your records on screen (see Clients, Searching and Sorting), or for selecting records for mail shots, e.g. to select by the client’s religion (see Mailshots, Bulk Selection of Clients), or for analyses (see Reports, Client, Mailshot Analysis). 

There are six user-definable "Mailshot" fields where the answer must be selected from a drop-down (e.g. “Client Status” – select “Active”, “Deceased” or some other value from a list of pre-defined answers), two free-format ones (e.g. where the answer can be anything, such as a house name), two numeric fields and two date fields (e.g. “Last Review”, but most commonly used for your clients’ “Next contact” and “Last contact” dates). 

For example, you could change one of the option prompts to “Smoker”, then set-up pre-defined answers in a drop-down (e.g. “Yes”, “No” and “Occasional”) and a help message at the bottom of the screen (e.g. “Is this person a smoker? ”). To set-up field names like this, starting from the "Set-up / Field Names" screen…

 Setup, Fieldnames, Main Screen.png

The revised set-up will apply to all address sets based on that fundamental type. For example, if you have used the fundamental address set type for “Clients, Individual” to create another set called “Clients, Fred’s”, then whatever fieldnames you set-up for “Clients, Individual” will also appear on the “Clients, Fred’s” screen. 

Additional Mailshot Fields

If these twelve user-definable fields are not enough, another forty-two (i.e. 10 drop-downs, 10 free-format, 10 dates and 12 numerics) are available on an additional screen (see Clients, Additional Mailshot Fields). To make this screen appear, starting from the flat view of any address set screen…

Changing Mailshot Data

To change the existing mailshot data held by a large number of client records see Mail Shot, Bulk Change Mailshot Data.

New Record Item

Use the "New Record Item" to select some of your user-defined mailshot fields to appear when entering a new client, as shown below. In this example the mailshot field "What type of service..." appears second in the list of three fields because its "New record item" number has been set-up as "2", as shown above. Only fields with "New record items" will appear in the pop-up for new contacts, and you'll find that if you try to enter two fields with the same "New record item" number the system will automatically re-sequence them. 

 Client Screen, New record.png