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Diary, Fee Invoices

Logging “Fees” Work

When you click the “Make Diary Entry” button on the Timer dialogue, shown below, the system will automatically generate a diary entry…

  • for the current client (n.b. which you can adjust, if required, using the search buttons)
  • in your default diary for fees (n.b. you can create a common “FEES DIARY” – see “Diary, Create Extra Diaries”)
  • using your default fee Timer “Action” (e.g. “FEES”)
  • on today’s Date, with the “Start” and “End time” as per the Timer’s settings
  • …so, as shown below, you just need to…

  • select an Adviser to whom the work can be allocated
  • enter a very brief description in the “Notes” section (e.g. “Investment strategy report”)
  • leave the “Appointment is done” box clear
  • click the “Save” button

    Note that each adviser has a consultancy rate per hour (e.g. Jane Potter, shown below as JP @ £50 p.h.) and that in fact you could create a number of adviser records for each real adviser acting in different capacities (e.g. Jane Potter Investment Strategy as JPIS @ £90 p.h., then Jane Potter Mortgage Advice as JPMA @ £75 p.h, etc).

    Post Fees to Accounts

    Periodically you can get the system to automatically create fee invoices for all the appointments with the “FEES” action, via the Diary’s “Signpost / Post fees to accounts” option. The system will then automatically collate into one invoice for each client, all the “FEES” diary appointments which are incomplete (i.e. the “Appointment is done” is not ticked). The invoices’ “Description” lines will show the “Adviser” who did each piece of fee work, with the date of that work and a description taken from the diary “Notes” line (n.b. if the latter is blank the description will default to “Fee work”, as shown below for adviser HS). Note that each invoice may contain work by many advisers working at different rates per hour, and that the process of running the Diary’s “Signpost / Post fees to accounts” option will set ticks in the “Appointment is done” boxes so that the collated fees do not get re-invoiced a second time.

    Nominal Account for Fees

    In the example invoice above you can see that the system has automatically allocated the fee work appointments to the nominal account called “CFEE”. To select this, or any other nominal account, go to the “Accounts / Setup” screen, click the “Nominal Accounts” tab, find the nominal you wish to use for fee work with the “Search” buttons, then click the “Diary fees nominal” box at the bottom of the screen, as shown below. Note that only one nominal can be used for this purpose, and that the system will be unable to collate appointments into invoices until an account has been selected.