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Fee Actions and VAT

This help section should be read after Set-up, Fee Timers, which always result in fee entries with the "Action" called "FEES", though this can subsequently be changed. However any new Diary record can also become a fee entry, simply by selecting an "Action" for it that's been designated as a fee type. This is made immediately apparent by the "View or edit fee" button, as shown below, that will only appear for fee types (i.e. if you re-select a non-fee "Action" it'll disappear). 

Fees, Setup, Fee with note lines.png

The "View or edit fee" button results in the pop-up shown below, where the fee is calculated automatically, so in most instances you won't need to view it. The only field that is adjustable is the "Based on the fixed sum of...", which allows you to override the default fee (based on the adviser's consultancy rate (see Set-up, Advisers) for the time specified) with an ad hoc fixed sum. 

Fees, Setup, Example fee calculation.png

In all cases the VAT will then be calculated automatically, according to the nominal account associated with the fee item's "Action", as shown below. 

Fees, Setup, Actions for Fees.png

To set-up Fee Actions you must start from the "Signpost" button in the Diary, then select "Diary / Set-up actions"...

Where you want to use an action for fees just tick the box "Action is used for Fees", then select a "Fee nominal a/c" from the drop-down (and the linked accounts set - see Accounts, Set-up Nominals). The VAT rate will be that already associated with the selected nominal and cannot be changed here, so if you need different rates you may need to create other nominals (e.g. for ADVICE WITHOUT SALE with VAT rate 1 and ADVICE WITH SALE, which will be exempt from VAT).


By default the "Description" for each fee action will be the long name of the nominal account, though you can override it. It's only use is to act as the default "Policy number" descriptor in the resulting fee invoice.