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Reports, Client, Fact Find

Old Durell Factfind Report

You should now use a Word template instead of the old Durell factfind report, as described below. This is because although the old report will still function, it may not include recently added topics and questions, and generally is not as flexible as a Word template. But if you want to use the old factfind report, starting from the Main Menu…

Using A Word Template To Print The Factfind

Your system includes a pre-defined Word template called “Factfind, Default”, which you should select for the appropriate client just as though you were writing a letter to him or her (see “Documents, Writing a Letter”). When you use this template for the first time you must ensure the “Data field set” dropdown is also set to “Factfind, Default” or you’ll get a whole list of errors in Word.

Personalising Your Own Factfind

You may edit the “Factfind, Default” template to create a new version, such as “Factfind, Sesame”(see “Templates, Editing”), in which case you’ll probably also need to use the “Setup” button on the “Link to Microsoft Word” dialogue, shown above, to increase the number of fields in the “Factfind, Default” data field set, shown below (see “Templates, Increasing The Durell Data Fields”).

See also “Factfind, Notes”.