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Policies, Entering Start & End Dates

Entering Any Dates

When entering dates anywhere in Durell just type in six digits (e.g. type 141103 for the date 14/11/2003) without bothering with any slashes or the full year, though optionally you can enter eight digits (e.g. 14112003). Then when you move away from the date field by clicking anywhere else, or tabbing off, you’ll see that the date automatically gets reformatted with all the slashes.

General Insurance

Enter the policy start and end dates, called “On risk” and “Renewal”. Either type-in the dates, as described above, or use the “=” button next to the “On Risk” field to get today’s date for the start, and then again on the “Renewal” field for today’s date PLUS whatever is required for the end (i.e. either current policy’s end or renewal policy’s start - see “Set-up, General Insurance”).

Life & Investments

Enter the policy start, term and end dates…