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Policies, Entering Reference

In the “Policy reference” field enter the reference issued by the insurer. If you don’t have a reference yet, you can just type in the word “TEMP” or click the “=” button to the right of the reference field and then, when you have received the proper reference, you can return and change it. When you change a reference in this way the system automatically changes all related records. For example, if you have already posted the policy’s commission to the accounts, the system would also adjust the accounting records to show the new reference.

The “=” button to the right of the “Policy reference” field generates an automatic temporary reference (e.g. “TEMP-M-12/08/2003 15”), according to your preferences (see “Set-up, Policy Numbers”). Each time you click it this button the unique number on the end of the automatic reference is incremented by 1 (e.g. after “TEMP-M-12/08/2003 15” you get “TEMP-M-12/08/2003 16”, etc). If you issue your own policy numbers you could use this feature to generate them automatically. Note that the temporary reference generator allows you to include a text prefix (e.g. “TEMP-M”) and the date, but both of these are optional.