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Clients, Entering Dates & Updating Records

Having found the record you wish to amend (see Finding Records (The Binoculars Button)) simply click on the field to change and edit as required. Do likewise for any other fields that need to be amended, then click the “Save” or “Floppy Disk” button to save the changes.


To save time date fields can be entered just by typing six digits. For example, go to any date field (e.g. “Born”) and enter 160753, then press the “Tab” key, or click on any other field, and you’ll see the date automatically format itself as 16/07/1953.

Tabbing Off

After you have entered or edited a field you must either press the “Tab” key to move to the next one, or click any other field on the screen. The point of this is that it “tells” the system that you’ve finished entering or editing the field in question. If you don’t do this and, for example, immediately press the “Esc” key, you may find the data for that particular field does not get saved.