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Policies, Entering Adviser & Lead

By default when you start a new policy it will be allocated the same adviser and lead as the policyholder’s record. The adviser and lead links are there in case you want to…

Use the drop-down (or “>” button, if available – see below) to re-select a different adviser or lead, as required.

Note that a policy record does not have to have the same adviser or lead as the client record (e.g. a client may normally be advised by Fred, but have a particular policy advised by Harry). Also that it doesn’t matter if you forget to reset the policy adviser or lead on the initial policy screen, because you can do so on the subsequent commission pay-away screen. Indeed on the pay-away screen you can enter up to four advisers (e.g. for area, branch, actual adviser and assistant) and three leads (e.g. for group, office and actual lead).

If you use the “>” button to the right of the adviser or lead (n.b. not always available) you’ll be taken to a “Find Address” dialogue like that illustrated below. In this case you can use the search buttons to locate a different adviser, or click the “New” button to create a new one, after which you must click the “Save” button. When you’ve found or created the adviser or lead that you require, you should click the “OK” button to link its details and return to the policy.