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Email Shot

Assuming that you've already selected clients (see Bulk Selection of Clients) then to issue an email shot to them all, for example to notify a promotion, starting from Durell’s Main Menu…

  Mailshot, link to Word.png 

Mailshot, Merge to Email 2010.png

Mailshot, Merge to Email 2003 1.png

  Mailshot, Merge to Email 2000 1.png

Mailshot, Merge to Email 2000 2.png

For this to work one of the data fields in the data set sent to Word (probably called “Standard”) will need to be the contact’s E-Mail address, which you’ll find in the “Client Details” table, just after the data fields for PhoneMobile numbers, as shown below.

 Mailshot, Setup Email Data Set.png

WARNING! Be careful not to confuse the Client Details data field called “E-Mail” with a similar one that holds your own company’s E-Mail address, or else all your E-Mails will be addressed to yourself! To prevent this...

Then after you've removed all existing instances of the "E-Mail" field...

Should you require it again, your own company's E-Mail address may be found in the “User Licence Details” table.