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Fact Find, Displaying Policies

Two sections (i.e. which equate to two screens or A4 pages) are provided for the display of policies in Durell’s default “Full Factfind (rev 5)” layout, which you can copy and paste into any other fact find (see Fact Find, Set-up Sections).

Note that the policies do not appear automatically, but instead have to be selected via the associated green “Binoculars” buttons. This means that...

  • You can select which policies to include, and in which order
  • Historic fact finds can act as a record of the policies in existence at that time
  • To remove a policy from the factfind just re-click the green “Binoculars” button to the right of it, then click “Remove Policy”. Note that this removes whatever policy is next to the Binoculars button – there is no need to highlight it in the subsequent “Select a Policy” pop-up.

    These policy screens will not include the “Binoculars” buttons when displayed on a website, as it’s not possible for the web-based system to search your local computer’s database in real time.