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Policies, Different Views

Policy records can be viewed with either…

  1. Limited data displayed in a non-editable scrolling list of ALL policies (i.e. to view policies in context), or
  2. Full data displayed in an editable “flat” view of a SINGLE policy (i.e. to enter or edit its data).

These two views do not apply to “Lite” or “Office Manager”, which only have a limited “Factfind” view, discussed in the next section (below). Otherwise, to change views of policy data, starting from the Main Menu…

“Factfind” View

Policy data can also be entered and updated on the “Policies” screen of the factfind, shown below, which is the only view available in the “Lite” and “Office Manager” versions of Durell.

You’ll be presented with a list of the current client’s policies in a scrolling box, which can show up to five policies at a time. If the client has more than five policies you must use the vertical scroll bar on the right of this list to view the hidden ones. When you click, and thereby highlight, any policy in the scrolling list, its details will be displayed on the lower half of the screen.

It is important to realise that this is not a different set of data, but rather the same policy data displayed in a different view. The point of this view is to allow advisers to directly enter and update policy information during the factfind process.

WARNING! If you find you cannot change a policy’s details, it will probably be because that insurer’s record has been purposely tagged to prevent changes. To reset this preventative measure, find the insurer’s record (see “Set-up, Insurers (Life & General”) and click the Signpost button. Check the option for “Policies with this insurer may not be changed in factfind”. If this is ticked, click it to remove the tick and allow its policies to be edited.