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Reports, Diary, Chase-ups

The default report lists diary appointments according to the selections made.

  • Use the “Diary” dropdown to select the diary of a particular user (e.g. FRED), all users (e.g. “All users”) or a pseudo-user created in order to allow boardroom bookings to be made or office-wide chase-ups to be processed (e.g. diaries called BOARDROOM, CHASE-UP, etc)
  • Use the “Order by” dropdown to sequence the report, as required (e.g. by date, contact name, etc)
  • Use the “Include” dropdown to include just outstanding diary entries, completed ones, or both
  • Use the “Policy related” dropdown to include just policy-related diary entries (i.e. those linked to policy reference numbers, as shown below at the top right of the screen, and see also “Diaries, Policy Links”), non-policy related entries, or both
  • Use the “Include / Exclude action” selectors to select which diary actions to include in the list (e.g. just “CHASE UP”)
  • Use the “Print from…to” fields to set the diary date range
  • Use the “Include for” dropdown to select diary entries that only relate to selected “Advisers” or “Leads”, as shown below at the bottom right of the screen
  • Optionally click the box “Show report name in title”, which will add to the printed report’s title the name of the current selection, as saved via the “Save” button and then recalled via the “Load” button (see “Reports, Saving Selections”)