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Investments, Deleting Funds and Events

Deleting Events and Funds

If you delete all of the funds and events from an investment contract then the system will assume you wish to work at a lower level of detail, using just the Contract Summary values. In other words it will not clear the Contract Summary fields as a result of you deleting all of the funds and events, as shown below.

As soon as you re-enter any funds or events the system will re-calculate the Contract Summary values from the new fund values.

Deleting Just Events (but Leaving Funds)

Similarly, if you delete all of the events from a contract the system will assume that you want to work with just the overall fund totals, regardless of events. So the original fund details will remain unchanged, and may need to be edited or deleted too.


As a general principle….

So be aware for example, that if you delete an event, such as for the regular withdrawal of income (shown above) afterwards you’ll need to edit the “Total dividends, income & sales” value for the associated fund (shown below).