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Documents, Data Sets

A “Data set” is a group of data fields (e.g. address line 1, address line 2, date of birth, phone number, etc), which is sent to Word for automatic inclusion in a document. If the list is big it will take longer to load Word, so fields should be added carefully. In most cases you’ll probably only need the standard set, which unsurprisingly is called “Standard”. Do not remove any of the fields in this set as this may prevent your existing templates from working properly.

Adding Fields to the “Standard” Data Set

To add fields to the “Standard” data set, starting from Durell’s Document Viewer…

The numbers in red next to “Select fields” and “Selected” respectively show the number of fields still available in the current table and the number of fields so far selected in total.

Ordering Your Data Fields

By default your data fields will be listed in the order that they occur in the Microsoft Access tables used by Durell. If you’d prefer to list them in some other sequence then clear the tick and re-order them via the “Move” buttons, at the end of which you must click the “Save” button.

Multiple Data Sets

Each time you use a new template for the first time a data set is associated (or linked) to it. This is why, having created a new template, you then have to explicitly choose which dataset to use with it. Although not necessary, you can have a number of data sets, and can choose which dataset gets linked to which template.

Creating A New Data Set

To create a new data set, starting from Durell’s Document Viewer…

Using A New Data Set

To use your new data set for the first time, after clicking on the “New Doc” button start a new document…

Once in Word, use the “Insert Merge Field” button to add your new fields to the template in the correct location, then save the document as a “Document Template” (see Templates, Editing)

See also Diaries, Word Processor Links.