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General, MTA, Create

An “MTA” is a mid-term adjustment of an existing general insurance policy, for example, to add an extra driver to a motor policy, an item of jewellery on a household one, or to terminate a policy early. Two important points are that for any one given policy…

  1. You cannot start a second MTA until you’ve finished the first
  2. You cannot start a renewal while an MTA is still pending

So you are advised to complete an MTA (either by “taking it up” or by deleting it) as soon as possible. To check for incomplete MTAs, see “Policies, Filtered Views”.

To create an MTA for an existing policy, starting from Durell’s Main Menu…

  • Click the “Policies” button
  • Highlight the policy in question (e.g. by scrolling to it, or using the “Binoculars” button to find it)
  • Either…
  • o Click the “Signpost” button

    o Click “General / Mid-term adjustments / New”

  • Or…
  • o Click the “New” (or “Starburst”) button

    o Click “MTA for current policy

    o Click “OK”

    This will cause a duplicate version of the policy record to be made, which you can then edit with regard to the adjustment in question (e.g. change the vehicle, add a driver, etc). Note that you can distinguish between the base policy and the MTA version by the policy title, at the top centre of the screen, as shown below.

    In contrast to the rest of the MTA record, the premium screen will be blank, as this only relates to the change in question. The amount of premium entered may well be NEGATIVE, for example after downgrading to a lower specification vehicle. For details on how to enter premiums see “General, Premium, Enter”, “General, Premium, Insurer’s VAT”, “General, Premium, Charges and VAT”, “General, Premium, Commission”, “General, Premium, Commission Refunds” and “General, Premium, Payment Methods & Date”.

    After entering the premium, when you click the black “Curve-right Arrow” key to move onto the posting screen you’ll be presented with a “Take-up Mid Term Adjustment” dialogue, like that below.

    If you don’t want to take-up the MTA at this point simply click “Cancel”, then save and exit from the MTA record. If you do want to immediately take-up the MTA then see “General, MTA, Take-up”.

    Align MTA Instalments

    An extra feature on the Premium screen unique to MTAs is the ability to align the invoice dates of MTA invoices with those of the parent policy. For example, you might have a marine policy with a premium of £40,000 which is to be paid in four quarterly instalments. Subsequently you need to issue an MTA that increases the sum by £4,000. By ticking the box “Align MTA to parent policy” on its “Instalment Details” pop-up, as shown below, the combined quarterly invoices for £11,000 will fall on exactly the same dates.