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Complaints, Create New

To create a new complaint, starting from the Main Menu…

  • Click the “Complaints” button
  • Click the “New” or “Starburst” button on the toolbar (n.b. on combined Life & General systems you’ll then be prompted to specify whether the complaint applies to Life or General business)
  • On the “Edit complaint” window, as shown below…
  • o In the “Complainant & handler details” box use the “Set” dropdown to select the complainant’s address set

    o Enter the first few letters of the complainant’s name, then click the green “Binoculars” button to find the nearest matching record

    o Use the “Show address” button to check that the found record matches the complainant

    o If necessary, use the other “Arrow head” search buttons to go “Next” or “Previous” till you find the correct name 

    o Use the “Handler” dropdown to select the Durell user name responsible for handling this complaint

    o Use the “Adviser” dropdown to select whoever was responsible for this product’s sale

    o Edit the “Started” date and time fields to match the date and time when your brokerage was first made aware of this complaint

    o In the “Complaint type, stage & date” box use the “Category” dropdown to select the type of complaint, such as “Delays” (see “Set-up, Categories”)

    o In the “Policy type” dropdown select the type of business (e.g. “Private vehicle”)

    o Use the “Stage” dropdown to select the appropriate stage, such as “Complaint received” (see “Set-up, Complaint stages”)

    o Note that you cannot edit the “Stage date”, which will be picked-up by the system on the date of the most recent stage change

    o Enter the date and time by which the current stage should be completed

    o Enter the date when your professional indemnity insurer was made aware of this complaint

    o Leave the “Complaint upheld” tick-box clear until you know that the complaint is valid, the procedure is complete, and that you may have to pay compensation.

    o In the “Complaint details” text area enter details of the complaint. You are recommended to use a number to indicate which notes relate to the various stages (e.g. Note 1 will relate to “Complaint received”, Note 2 will relate to “Response given”, and so on)

    o Click the “OK” button

    Between the time when you start and end a complaint (by selecting a “completed” stage) every time anyone tries to access the complainant’s client record or document viewer they’ll receive the following warning…