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Policies, Create A New Policy

To create a new policy, starting from the Main Menu…

If the client has NO existing policies…

Or else, if the client HAS EXISTING policies…

Depending on whether your Durell system is for Life or General insurance, you’ll see one of the following “Start New Record” dialogues

You’ll then see the “New Record” dialogue, illustrated below



On the “New Record” dialogue, either use the drop-downs to select the type of insurance product you require, or click and thereby tick the “Search by product code” tick-box, after which you can search for the insurance product via the search keys next to the “Product Code” field (see “Set-up, Products”). When you have found the product you require, click the “OK” button.



Insurer or Product Not Available

When trying to start a new policy, using the drop-downs or search keys on the New Record dialogue, shown above, if you cannot find the insurer or plan that you require you should click the “Setup…” button between the “Insurer name” and the “Plan name” fields. This will take you to the Product Set-up screen (see “Set-up, Products”). After you’ve created the product you require, when you exit you’ll automatically return to the scrolling Policies screen, with your newly created product pre-selected. 

Create New Policies From Factfind View

If you create a new policy from the factfind view you will never see the “Start New Record” dialogue above, because in this situation there is no possibility of creating a variation, or MTA, etc. Furthermore, in the Factfind view the “Client Set” and “Client” fields on the “New Record” dialogue will be greyed-out and fixed to the current client, because you cannot enter any other client’s policies in the current client’s factfind.


Create New Policies From Scrolling View

When you create a new policy from the scrolling view, the “New Record” dialogue will default to the current client. However you can use the fields on the left side of the dialogue to switch to a different address set, if required, and then choose a different client. 

Group Schemes - Client Record Not Required

When working with group schemes you may prefer only to enter the one client that owns or controls the scheme (e.g. the Ford Motor Corporation), and thereafter enter all the individual policy holders’ policies without actually creating client records for them.

You are recommended NOT TO DO THIS, as subsequently you’ll probably regret not having the full client data available. However, if you are determined to create policy records without associated client ones, simply select “No” from the “Client record required for policy” drop-down.

See also “Policies, Completing A New Record