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Clients, Copying, Deleting and Moving Many Records

You can copy, delete or move records either individually or in a group, where the group might be either a given selection or an entire address set.

To work with a selection you first have to set the mailshot markers (see Clients, Scrolling & Flat Views for manual selection. See Mail Shot Bulk Selection of Clients for automated selection).


To copy records either individually or in a group, starting from the flat view in any address set…


Similar to copying records, above, except that you select the “Move record/s…” menu item instead, and the source records are deleted after the move.


To delete an individual record, simply find the record in question then click the “Bin” button or press the F4 key.

To prevent accidental deletion the bulk deleting of records is normally disabled via access rights (see Set-up Users). However if you have both the right and the need to delete either selections, or sets of records, then starting from the flat view of the address set from which you wish to delete records…