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Reports, General, Control Report

The default report shows total commission and premium data for various types of business for the selected period, as shown below.

  • Use the “Print from…to” fields to select the range of policy on-risk dates to include
  • Click the “Policy selection (new)” button to restrict the policies to be included (see “Reports, Policy Selector”)
  • Click and thereby tick the box to “Use figures from ledgers (where possible)”, which is recommended by Durell
  • Optionally click “Show policy list” to list all the individual policies
  • Optionally click the box “Show report name in title”, which will add to the printed report’s title the name of the current selection, as saved via the “Save” button and then recalled via the “Load” button (see “Reports, Saving Selections”)
  • Tick the option for what should be included in the definition of “nett premium”. To maintain consistency with other reports based on accounts data (i.e. posted invoices) you are recommended to use the third choice (i.e. as posted)
  • If set-up as described above, the report will use figures from the invoices in the ledgers, which may have been adjusted during the Cashbook reconciliation process, and therefore may possibly differ from those on the policy records, if the latter have not been adjusted accordingly.