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Life, Compliance, Copy to Other Policies and Policyholders

If on a given date you sell two policies to the same client, or perhaps similar policies to a husband and wife, then rather than repeating all the compliance details you can get the system to copy them for you. To do this, starting from the scrolling view of policies….

  • Click the “Signpost” button
  • Select “Life” then “Pass compliance”
  • You can use the “>” button next to the field called “List policies for policy holder” to select a different client’s policies
  • At the top of the “Pass Compliance” screen, shown below, select the policy to copy from
  • At the bottom of the “Pass Compliance” screen, select the policy to copy to
  • Click “OK”
  • You’ll then get a confirmation dialogue, like that shown below. Simply click “OK” and the compliance dates and details will be copied to the target policy.

    Copying Compliance to a Different Policyholder

    The routine described above only copies compliance between policies belonging to the same policyholder. However, as there is another “Signpost” option to change the policyholder (see “Policies, Scrolling View, Change Policyholder”), you can use this second facility to temporarily change the policyholder’s name while you pass the compliance, after which you can use it again to reinstate the correct name.