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Reports, Life, Compliance Daybook

The content of this report shows all the compliance dates (as shown below) for each policy. By default this report includes all policies with proposal dates up to the displayed “…to” date provided they also have blank “Compliance Completed” dates (see illustration, below).

  • Use the “Order by type &” dropdown to select the report’s sequence (e.g. by proposal date or insurer)
  • Use the “Policy selection (new)” button to select policies types, etc, to include or exclude (see “Reports, Policy Selector”)
  • Enter the “Proposal date” range (n.b. from “Blank to Date” lists all up to that date, while from “Blank to Blank” lists everything. Note that the “Quotation Date” is used for mortgages)
  • Use the “Include” dropdown to included policies with only blank “Compliance Completed” dates, only entered dates, or both
  • Click and thereby tick the “Include blank proposal dates” box in order to include policies with blank proposal dates (n.b. Durell recommends that this should always be ticked)
  • Optionally click the box “Show report name in title”, which will add to the printed report’s title the name of the current selection, as saved via the “Save” button and then recalled via the “Load” button (see “Reports, Saving Selections”)
  • Optionally click the box to show the products’ specific plan names instead of their generic product types
  • Optionally tick the box to exclude the date of printing on the report