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Claims, Completing The Additional Details Screen

Starting from the first screen of any claim…

  • Click the black “Curve-Right Arrow” button to move onto the second claims screen, shown below.
  • Contacts

    Contacts include the insurer and the policyholder, which appear automatically, along with third parties, witnesses, the police, doctors, loss adjusters, etc.

  • Click the “Add” button to add a contact
  • EITHER for a person not already on your system…
  • o Click the “New” button on the “New Claim Contact” dialogue

    o Click the “New” button on the subsequent “Find Address” dialogue…

    § Enter the contact’s details

    § Click the “Save” button to save the new record

    § Click “OK” button to return to the “New Claim Contact” dialogue with the new person

    OR for a person already on your system…

    o Use the “Set” drop-down to select the address set (e.g. Address book, Loss adjusters)

    o Use the search buttons to find the existing person

  • THEN IN BOTH CASES enter a description, e.g. “Insurer”, “3rd party”, “Loss adjuster”, “Policeman”, “Doctor”
  • o Enter the reference used by that person (e.g. the police accident number, insurer’s ref)

    o Enter any other notes (e.g. Mobile phone number of loss adjuster)

    o Click “OK”

    Claimed Items

    Claimed items might include individual works of art, jewellery or damage to vehicles. These can optionally be grouped into categories (e.g. so you can see which items relate to which party, or type of claim).

  • Click the lower “Add” button to add an item (e.g. freezer contents, stolen television, etc), then for each item claimed…
  • o Enter the item (e.g. freezer contents, BMW 520, Olympus camera)

    o Enter the category (e.g. buildings, contents, personal injury, vehicle repairs, self, third-party, etc)

    o Enter the sum claimed for that item

    o If you’ve received the sum, enter the date, and from which of the above contacts

    o If you’ve forwarded the sum to the claimant, enter the date and to which of the contacts

    o Enter any notes regarding the specific item (e.g. Replace bumper and rear lights)

    o Click “OK”

  • Enter any general notes regarding the entire claim at the bottom of the second screen
  • Click the “Save” button to save the claim’s details
  • Click the “Spectacles” button to return to the scrolling view of all claims
  • Claimed Item Sums Received & Forwarded

    You may not need to record sums received and forwarded to the claimant, but if you do, you must ensure all parties are included in the Contacts List (i.e. from whom the sums might be received, or to whom they might be forwarded). As money is received or forwarded, highlight the item line in question and click the “Edit” button, then enter the date for each transaction, and who was involved. Note how the scrolling list of items includes numbers after the columns for “Received” and “Forwarded” to indicate which of the contacts it relates to. The following tick box indicates whether or not that aspect of the item has been posted to your own accounts. This would only be relevant where you receive money from the insurer in the brokerage’s name, have to bank it, and then have to issue your own cheque to the claimant.