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Set-up, Complaint Types

You can access the set-up screen for complaint types or categories either via the “Set-up” button on the Main Menu, or via the “Signpost” button of the Complaints screen. This set-up procedure allows you to pre-define a list of categories to use for your complaints, for reports, etc.

Complaint types.png

To set-up or edit complaint categories, starting from the “Setup Complaints Categories” pop-up, as shown above…


Breach of contract


Dispute over sums/amount payable

Failure to carry out instructions

Misleading advert/product info


Other admin

Overcharging/incorrect charges

Poor customer service


Unsuitable or misleading advice

Deleting And Changing Active Categories

You cannot delete a category that is currently in use. On the other hand, you can change a category that is currently in use, in which case all the complaints with that category will also be updated.