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Backup, Compact and Copy

There is a semi-automatic maintenance routine within the Durell program that firstly creates copies of all of your database files (e.g. Imw-Data.mdb gets copied to Imw-Data.dbk – as shown below) then optimally compacts them.

You are most strongly recommended to use this maintenance routine on a daily basis, but note that it should be run in addition to a proper backup-to-tape (or similar device, where the backup media can be kept safely off-site, for example, to avoid being lost in a fire). If you are running Durell over a multi-user network then only one Durell user need run the maintenance program. Alternatively you can schedule it to run automatically, as described below.

WARNING! In order for your backup-to-tape and maintenance programs to work correctly you must ensure all of your operators fully exit from Durell beforehand. To verify this, the last user to exit from Durell should, starting from Durell’s Main Menu…

  • Click the “Setup” button
  • Double-click the “Maintain database” option
  • Click “OK” to exit Durell
  • Click the “Info…” button, illustrated below, to check for active users
  • Click “Close”, then if active users were listed, go around to their computers and get them to exit the system

    Where users have “crashed out” of the system, rather than leaving it via the “Exit” button, it may be necessary to log them back in, then exit again in an orderly fashion. If you’ve had problems with active users, after you think you’ve got everyone out you should repeat the above sequence.

    Log File

    Each time the maintenance routine is run it creates an entry in a log file, called “CompactLog.txt”, that you’ll find in your Durell data folder. If you double-click this it will open, like that illustrated below, so you can confirm that your key database files have been copied and compacted. The number of database files will depend, for example, on the number of account sets you have, so although they may be different from one Durell customer to the next, you should see the same number in your own log file each day.


    Running the Routine

    The maintenance program (called “Maintain.Exe”) is located in your Durell program or “user” folder, which will typically be located on your local computer’s hard drive C: and called “Imw-User”. If so, to run the routine starting from your Windows Desktop (with all Durell users out of the system)…

  • Click your Windows “Start” button
  • Click “Run”
  • In the “Open” dropdown enter  C:\Imw-User\Maintain.Exe  F:\Imw-Data\,true  [n.b. the line is not case-sensitive, but a single space is required after Maintain.Exe]
  • Click “OK” 

    In the above example the Durell data is in a folder called “Imw-Data” on a shared network drive designated by the letter F (i.e. F:\Imw-Data\). To make the routine run correctly you may have to change the drive letters and/or folder names according to your own system set-up. On subsequent occasions you should be able to re-find this command in your “Open” dropdown, as shown below.

    Scheduling the Routine

    Once you’ve run the routine as described above, and are confident about the drive letters and folder names, you can enter this command line in the Task Scheduler that comes with every Windows system. All Windows Task Schedulers are similar in principle, but not actually identical. The following sequence shows how to schedule the maintenance routine with Windows 2000, starting from the Desktop…

  • Click your Windows “Start” button
  • Click “Settings”
  • Click “Control Panel”
  • Click “Scheduled Tasks”
  • Click “Add Scheduled Task
  • Click “Next” to continue
  • On the “Scheduled Task Wizard” window, shown below, click “Browse”
  • Use the “Look in” dropdown (at the top left of the “Select Program to Schedule” window) to find your local copy of  “Imw-User”
  • Double-click “Maintain.exe”
  • Click “Daily” on the “Scheduled Task Wizard” window (below)
  • Click “Next”
  • Set the start to a time after your tape backup will have finished, but an hour or two before your staff are likely to start work each day
  • Click “Weekdays”
  • Click “Next”
  • Click and thereby tick the “Open advanced properties…” box
  • Click “Finish”
  • On the “Task” tab of the “Maintain” window (shown below) after the word “Maintain.exe” add a space, then your Durell data folder followed by “,true” (e.g. [space]F:\Imw-Data\,true)
  • Click “OK”