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Reports, Life, Commission Received

This report shows the actual commissions received (i.e. as entered in the Cashbook) for all policies within the specified period.

  • Change the “Order report by” dropdown to re-sequence the listing, as required (e.g. by product type, insurer, etc)
  • Click the “Policy selection (new)” button if you wish to restrict the policies to be included (see “Reports, Policy Selector”)
  • Edit the “Cashbook date from…to” date range to select the Cashbook dates to include (n.b. from “Blank to Date” lists all up to that date, while from “Blank to Blank” lists everything)
  • Optionally click the box “Show report name in title”, which will add to the printed report’s title the name of the current selection, as saved via the “Save” button and then recalled via the “Load” button (see “Reports, Saving Selections”)
  • Optionally click the box to show the products’ specific plan names instead of their generic product types
  • Click “Only show adviser...” option if you want the report to only show the adviser and lead initials displayed on the first screen of each policy (i.e. as opposed to showing all the advisers and leads on the policy’s Commission Pay-Away screen)
  • Click “Total commission...” if you’d like individual totals at the end of the report for the commission paid to every adviser and lead
  • Click “For policy selection...” if you want your selection of advisers and leads, as you’ve setup via the “Policy selection (new)” button, to be based on the advisers and leads on the Commission Pay-Away screen instead of those displayed on the first screen of each policy
  • Click “OK” to proceed with the report